Brenda Laurel was part of the first wave of artists working with Virtual Reality in the early 1990s, exploring VR's multi-sensory possibilities with installations such as "Placeholder", developed at Banff Center for the Arts in 1994 with collaborator Rachel Strickland. Writer and musician Claire L. Evans will interview Laurel about her pioneering career as a game designer, media scholar, and advocate for diversity and inclusiveness in video games and VR.



Brenda Laurel

Neogaian Interactive

Brenda Laurel is a published author, professor, and an interactive media professional since 1976, having worked as a designer, researcher, writer, and teacher. She has also worked in the computer game industry for companies like Atari and Activision, where she served as an engineer. In 1989, she co-founded Telepresence Research, a VR research and production company; in 1996, she co-founded Purple Moon, an initiative to create interactive media for girls. Laurel holds a BA from DePauw University, and an MFA in Acting and Directing and a PhD in Drama Theory and Criticism from Ohio State University.





Claire L. Evans

Artist & Author of
The Future is Unmanned

Claire L. Evans is a writer and artist working in Los Angeles. She is the Futures Editor of Motherboard, and founding editor of its science-fiction imprint, Terraform. Evans regularly participates in panels, conferences, and screenings on the subject of technology and culture. Her writing has appeared in Frieze, The Guardian, WIRED, and VICE. Her first book, The Future is Unmanned, a feminist history of the internet, is forthcoming from Penguin Random House. She is the singer and coauthor of the conceptual pop group YACHT. 

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